Funerals and Memorials

Funerals and Memorials at St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church

Celebrating the life of a dear relative or friend is a meaningful act.  Families choose St. Timothy’s as a funeral venue for its intimate setting, thoughtful staff and inspired musical team.  Have faith that your family’s remembrance event will honor your loved one here at St. Timothy’s

St. Timothy’s Remembers

Please remember our dearly departed members and their loved ones in your prayers.


Richard Fedje, August 24

Bernie Kriens, May 31

Pastor Dick Hamlin, May 3

Georgia May, April 20

George Shoppe, March 11

Barbara Tollakson, January 31


Marion Thour, December 16

Jim Magnuson, December 6

Marianne Soderholm, October 25

Judy Palmer, October 11

Gary Ristau, September 21

Virgil Landgraff, September 3

Delores Douglas, May 19

Allen Sherve, May 15

Arlene Patten, April 28

Lynn Pepple, March 13

Funerals and Memorial Services


Virginia Stenslie, November 27

Edith Pollock, November 10

Carolyn Dreyer, September 30

Michael Thomas, May 11

Pr. Gene Heglund, March 10

Wilbur Henjum, January 22


Gilbert Holter, November 5

Janice Jolly, August 3

Dennis Starkweather, June 12

Donna Kerkow, May 15

Timothy Hay, March 17

Paula Gagnon, March 10

Chester Dobe, February 13

Robert Coffey, January 30

Joseph Brisson III, January 27

Ruth Henjum, January 16


Keith Mallow, December 28

Grace Grider, November 19

Herbert Lennox, III, November 11

Gerald Kangas, August 19

Donna Sarazin, August 15

Mark Hanna, May 1

​Mae Jeanne Marxen, April 15

​Elise Schleisman, April 11

Donald Siegel, April 6

Dale Sorensen, March 29

Jean Anderson, March 6

Patricia Sykes, February 9

Mary Melgren, January 28

Alice Quale, January 7


Jean Boyce, October 30

Carol Johnson, September 5

Carole Gellerman, July 15

Amy Holter, July 5

Don Krtnick, May 8

Shirley Brown, April 21

Paul Tjosvold, March 8

Roland Gagnon, February 14

Bruce Smith, February 13

Marge Turnquist, January 10

All Saints’ Sunday